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CNC Machining Metal Parts Service

Metal machining is a part manufacturing process that involves machining processes such as CNC machining, milling, turning, drilling, EDM and wire EDM etc, The part is cut to the desired shape, size and surface finish by a process of metal material removal to meet the specifications of product designs and engineering drawings.

We can provide implementation plans and technical support for the production of various mechanical metal projects.

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Machining Material:
Aluminum 6061/ 7075/ 2024/ 6063/ 6082/6060/ 5083;
Stainless Steel 303/304/ 316, Low Carbon Steel 1018, A36 Steel Plate; Brass, copper,titanium etc.

CNC Machining Process

General Process Information 
  3-Axis Milling  5-Axis Milling  Turning 
MAX. Part Size 1800*600*500mm 8000*4000*2500mm Ø350*600mm
MIN. Part Size 12.7*12.7*12.7mm 12.7*12.7*12.7mm 6.4*6.4*6.4mm
MIN.Feature Size Ø 1 mm Ø 1 mm Ø 1 mm
Standard Tolerance  +/-0.10-0.2mm’ +/-0.04mm +/-0.20mm
Lead Time  As low as 8days for less than 50 parts  As low as 10days for less than 50 parts  As low as 8days for less than 50 parts 


CNC machining is often used to produce industrial parts in a subtractive manner from metal or plastic.


Make complicated cuts at various angles.

Niche Manufacturing Processes

Cut durable metal products that alternative processes can’t create.

Low- to Medium-volume Production

Cost-effective for production runs in medium or small batches.

Metal Fabrication

Safe and effective way to meet the demand for high-quality metal parts with exceptional tight tolerance.

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