With economic growth and improving living standards, consumers are increasingly pursuing the diversification, personalization, and characterization of products. Under the new situation, product updates and iterations are rapid, and the demand for small batches of products is becoming increasingly prominent. The traditional mold is obviously no longer competitive. Consequently, urethane casting service /silicone mold comes out, perfectly helping customer rest assured of the new product development and small batch demand.


The Main Advantages of Urethane Casting Service/Silicone Mould 

  • Short lead time. A set of mouldscan be made in 2 hoursin the fastest situation.
  • Low cost. It only takes20 dollars to develop a set of silicone moulds.
  • Wide selection of product materials with stable performance.
  • It can realize multiple color matching and 2K parts making.
  • Complex parts can be demoulded flexibly to ensure a monolithic geometry.


Forming Principle of Urethane Casting Service/ Silicone Mould

Urethane Casting forming principle


Material Performance Description of Urethane Casting Service

There are many options for urethane casting services, which can be rigid, elastic, high-temperature resistant, transparent, and in various colors. 

Urethane Casting parts


  1. Abrasion Resistance

Cast urethanes feature abrasion resistance, which is achieved by the composition of the urethane resin. Due to this feature, cast urethanes are the ideal option for wheels, rollers, instrument panels, bumpers, equipment boxes, covers, and anti-vibration tools.


  1. Impact Resistance

Urethane castings are characterized by impact resistance, meaning that they can absorb the impact and get back into shape.


  1. Hardness

Hardness means the resistance to localized surface deformation, which is determined by the measurement of the depth of indentation on the material. Urethane materials have different hardness and can be selected as per customers’ needs.


  1. Tensile Strength

Tensile strength is how much force or stresses the material can take. Urethane casts can meet different strength needs.


  1. Flexural Strength

The surface of the urethane molding material is resistant to damage. With high hardness, urethane remains very flexible and resilient. It usually reaches 17,000 psi in flexural strength,  even up to 39,000 psi in some cases.

quality urethane casting


Why Do You Choose Us for Urethane Casting Service?

We satisfy the following requirements.

  • Offer professional product design suggestion
  • Use premium materials for siliconemolding
  • Have strict standard tolerances
  • Provide professional customer service


  1. Offer Professional Product Design Suggestions

We can carefully analyze the drawings according to the requirements of customers and provide the most economical and suitable production solutions for customers. In this way, we help customers save costs and achieve the best results for products.


  1. Use Well-known Materials for Silicone Moulding/ Urethane CastingService

We use high-end and brand materials to ensure the excellent and stable performance of products.


  1. Have a Strict Quality Standard
  • Inspect dimensions by Hexagon CMM detector
  • Inspect dimensions by Canadian Creaform 3D scanners
  • Check the appearance of products with various advanced instruments


  1. Provide Professional Customer Service
  • 2 shifts from day to night, 6*20 hours online
  • 20 years of export experience
  • Smooth communication in English and Japanese



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