An Easy Guide on Prototype CNC Machining: Materials, Processes, and Advantages

CNC machining, a subtractive manufacturing process, can be applied to different industries, such as the medical, automotive, and aerospace domains. Used almost daily, this machining mechanism has been supporting these industries since the 1940s. Manufacturers and machinists are benefiting from prototype CNC machining in various ways. The process is differentiated based on the required manufacturing process and materials as per

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An Easy Guide on How to Choose Urethane Casting Service/Silicone Mould 

With economic growth and improving living standards, consumers are increasingly pursuing the diversification, personalization, and characterization of products. Under the new situation, product updates and iterations are rapid, and the demand for small batches of products is becoming increasingly prominent. The traditional mold is obviously no longer competitive. Consequently, urethane casting service /silicone mold comes

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An Ultimate Guide on High-Temperature PA Nylon Casting Service and Why You Should Use It

PA Nylon is a high-performance plastic because it exhibits high thermal and electrical resistance. It is highly robust, elastic, chemically resistant, moderately resistant to abrasion and moisture absorption, and easy to clean. Such great performance enables it to be extensively used throughout a wide range of industries, including those in the electrical and electronic, automotive, aerospace,

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Top 6 Factors to Find a Reliable Rapid Prototype Manufacturer

Speaking of the rapid prototype, great benefits come to people’s minds, like lower costs for product development, decreasing chances of product failure, etc. Such great merits arise the desire of many companies, no matter in the biomedical industry, automotive industry, or aerospace industry, to consider getting this service from a rapid prototype manufacturer. However, it is always challenging to search

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How to design parts for SLA 3D printing

Introduction Stereolithography (SLA) is a 3D printing process that uses a laser to cure photopolymer resin layer by layer. SLA is best suited for producing small, smooth parts with fine details to a high level of accuracy. This article outlines the SLA printing process, presents the limitations and advantages of designing components to be printed with

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Everything you need to know about custom CNC machining

Custom CNC machining is a field that is constantly evolving, it just never stops. In the last few years, it has mainly been improved with the help of both global shipping and CAD modeling. Nowadays, an order can be produced and delivered within a few days, which is also due to the availability of custom

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What is Urethane Casting? The Basics Explained

Urethane casting is an essential technology for manufacturers to have at their disposal, which can give a competitive advantage over industry rivals. Let’s dig into the subject, learn the basics about urethane casting, check the process, materials used, general pros and cons, and list some applications of such process. This Guide Covers What is Urethane

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