Speaking of the rapid prototype, great benefits come to people’s minds, like lower costs for product development, decreasing chances of product failure, etc. Such great merits arise the desire of many companies, no matter in the biomedical industry, automotive industry, or aerospace industry, to consider getting this service from a rapid prototype manufacturer. However, it is always challenging to search for a reliable rapid prototype partner. Apart from costs and speed, do you know what other major factors matter when looking for the manufacturer? So, here we list the top 6 factors to take into account to help people get an exact answer after reading.


The Qualities that a Good Prototype Should Have

Please don’t hurry to find a reliable rapid prototype manufacturer. Instead, people should first learn the qualities that a good prototype should have, which is inevitable and essential as this process helps people understand what defines a professional rapid prototype manufacturer. Generally, the following features make a prototype identified as a good one.

  • A prototype is produced on the basis of the 3D drawing, meaning that it should representthe product in different aspects, like appearance and working principle.
  • The prototype should feature great accuracy; the more precise the prototype, the better feedback companies can get from this process.
  • A good prototype performs the product’s key functions, ensuring better testing.


Top 6 Factors to Consider When Finding a Rapid Prototype Manufacturer

Knowing the good qualities that a prototype should have, are you still puzzling over how to find a rapid prototype manufacturer? Consider the following 6 factors that can help you find a reliable supplier.


  1. Experience in Prototyping

An experienced rapid prototype manufacturer is specialized in prototypes for years, so they are professional in the whole end-to-end production process, ranging from product design, prototyping, and testing to production manufacturing. Adequate knowledge of the entire production process guarantees the quality of a prototype, allowing clients to make the best use of the rapid prototype. With more than 20 years of experience, we clearly know what our clients want regarding rapid prototypes and are always willing to give them the best 3D printing solution.


  1. Prototyping Capacity

The prototyping capacity of the supplier matters a lot because the quality of your prototypes and delivery schedule hinge on it. Thus, it is better to choose a prototyping partner that applies modern technology to the rapid prototype. The more advanced machines and technologies the supplier has, the quicker turnaround you can benefit from. It is worth mentioning that we are equipped with 155 sets of precise and state-of-the-art equipment, enabling us to shorten the prototype development period and provide feasible solutions for our clients.


  1. Diversified Services

People may need a 3D printing solution to showcase their ideas while requiring a functional prototype the other day. To satisfy their needs, people should find a rapid prototype manufacturer that covers a variety of services. However, people never need to worry about the services in SEAL-RP as we offer complete services. Regarding the rapid prototype, 3D printing, CNC machining, RIM molding, Urethane casting, and Nylon casting services are all available. Once companies put the product into mass production, injection molding and vacuum forming mould options are also accessible to them.


  1. Customized Solutions

Finding a rapid prototype manufacturer that caters to all people’s needs is of much concern, so a partner that always shows a willingness to meet any customized requirements is the go-to choice. We are conscious of how important customization is to our clients, so we offer customized services, such as quantity, material, color, and surface finish. We know that clients may have concerns, so our MOQ is set for 1 piece. It is totally acceptable to conduct mass production after clients are satisfied with our customized products.


To make the customized solution clearer, here is the procedure:

  • Step 1: To get the quote, clients send the 3D files and attach requirements, such as material, color, quantity, and surface finish.
  • Step 2: The products are made based on 3D files. We can give clients the desired effect with our exquisite craft, such as hand-finishing, sanding, polishing, painting, and silk printing. A wide array of specialty surface finishing is available, including laser etching, anodizing, metal plating, vacuum metalizing, chromate, chemical finishing, passivation, heat treatments, etc.  
  • Step 3: The completed workpiece is packed and delivered to clients after the quality testing.


  1. Quality Assurance

Make sure that the rapid prototype manufacturer can offer a high-quality rapid prototype, affecting the performance of the product. Check whether the manufacturer has the precise standard equipment and relevant certifications to show their strict quality control. In SEAL-RP, we are confident to ensure that all of our products are of high quality as we have applied Hexagon CMM, Canadian 3 D scanners, and other professional precision standard testing equipment to check that product dimensions, structure, and other requirements are fully compliant with 3D data. In addition, we have obtained ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications.


  1. Delivery Time

Regarding rapid prototyping services, the quickest options are 3D printing and machining, which commonly take a few days for delivery, while injection molding takes longer, up to several weeks. However, since the delivery time differs from each rapid prototype manufacturer, people should ask about the exact delivery time. In SEAL-RP, We can shorten the delivery period to 3-15 days, only to give the best service to our clients.



As to seeking rapid prototyping services, it is very important to find the right rapid prototype manufacturer who can help clients reach the final product. Speak with the professional team from SEAL-RP, as we can apply your innovative ideas to the rapid prototype and give you professional suggestions along the way.